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Mental Fallout Due to ED Initiated by Obesity

According to the latest data and statistics published by the renowned magazine Men’s Health, erectile dysfunction has become the most common disease which the male population is facing right now, at the inception of the millennium. Erectile dysfunction, or sometimes known as ED, has come out to be the amalgamation of all the problems in a man’s life, physical, mental as well as emotional. The numbers are so scary that in the United States of America itself, 20 million of the men who come under the age group of 20 years to 30 years have reportedly admitted that they have faced and experienced some symptoms which they can relate to the beginning of the problems of erectile dysfunction.

ED and Obesity

So, one might feel that when such a condition is so common among the masses, there should be no concerns surrounding it; but, the fact is that each and every person who has had ever experienced any of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction could not take it lightly and have been shattered from the core of their existence.

Although men may experience the problems of erectile dysfunction in numerous ways and might see various symptoms which might lead them to conclude that they are suffering from erectile dysfunction, yet, the sole definition of erectile dysfunction is the ultimate inability for a man to get a penile erection or even the inability to hold it for a time duration appropriate for engaging in sexual endeavors with his partner.

If we walk back the lane of innovations and discoveries of causes, medications and treatments of erectile dysfunction, it is clearly visible and easily understandable that erectile dysfunction is not a “one-cause” disease; rather, erectile dysfunction has multiple causes which lead to such a condition among the men. Apart from all other relevant causes, the one which has come out to become the most common is the presence of excess weights and fats in the body, which is also termed as obesity. And to validate the fact, Men’s Heath has also released a survey, which claimed that men who are obese and overweight tend to be 30 percent more vulnerable towards acquiring erectile dysfunction, compared to other men of his same age group.

Talking about obesity, it is very empirical that we know the meaning of obesity; actually obesity can be stated as the excess pounds of weight which is way higher compared to the healthy limits. It has been seen by various urologists that once you gain 35 pounds more than your healthy limit, you will start to feel the setbacks and symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Psychological Relationship between ED and Obesity

Apart from physical hurdles, obesity also brings a lot of mental and psychological hurdles between a man and his healthy sexual existence. Due to obesity, the hormonal changes start in the body, which leads to depleting amounts of sexual hormones like testosterone in the body. As the testosterone levels start to fall down, various sexual disorders flourish, such lack of sexual urge, depressed and sad mood, and most importantly lack of stamina on bed. These crucial factors come in the way between a man’s healthy and fruitful sexual life.

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