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Major Cause of ED – Improve your Blood Circulation and Recover From ED

In contrast to what you think, ED is immensely common in men. If you experience soft or weak erections, then you are not the only person. Latest surveys indicate that nearly 50% of all men above the age of 40 have some kinds of erectile disorder.

Main Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

Although ED can be triggered from a range of psychological and physical issues, the most common and major cause of ED is Reduced Blood Circulation in the Penis in men.

Causes of ED

There might be many other factors due to which blood flow is restricted in the penis. Some are listed below:

  • Lack of exercise or physical activity
  • Excessive smoking
  • Increased fat residues and obesity in the body
  • Decreased secretion of nitric oxide etc.,

Those men who are inactive physically are at a greater risk of experiencing ED. Exercise not only helps in improving the blood flow in the body but also reduced the fat. This in turn stops the blocking of the arteries which is among the major reasons of restricted blood circulation in the penis.

Few steps are listed below to enhance the blood circulation in penis:

  • Be Careful about your diet: Ensure that foods which enhance blood flow are included in the diet. Consume foods which have abundant Omega 3 fatty acids. These are great and along with boosting the blood flow, they also lubricate the arteries which are ideal for blood flow.
  • Exercise regularly: Workout sessions and exercises not only improve the blood circulation but also aids in the boost of testosterone production which is the most essential hormone in the body with concern to the sexual health. In fact, it also decreases stress. Compound & weight bearing exercises dispense the perfect results. An amazing example of these exercises is Squats.
  • Give up Smoking: Nicotine is the reason for the plaque production in the arteries over time due to which the blood flow is restricted to the penis. Also, it damages the valve mechanism due to which blood is stored inside penis. Moreover, the sperm is damages by cigarettes and the sperm count is also reduced.
  • Herbal or natural Supplements: These add-ons are maybe the perfect cure to enhance the blood circulation in the penis and treat ED in men.

Pills or Herbal or Natural supplements are prepared with immensely powerful herbs and some other natural products which not only enhance the blood circulation in penis but also enhance the testosterone production and nitric oxide secretion. Thus, these supplements eradicate all the fundamental reasons which result in ED.

These supplements are superior to other prescribed medicines used for the treatment of impotence as no side effects are observed. Some herbs utilized in these supplements are ginkgo, ginseng, maca, muira pauma, tribulus terrestris, horny goat weed, tongat ali etc.

ED can be a big threat to your confidence. If you suffer from ED, then consult the doctors and consume the powerful and effective penis pills which have benefitted many men.

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