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Lawmakers in Some States in USA Look to Stiffen the Rules on the Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Men in some states like Ohio and Illinois in the USA who take some popular erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra, Levitra, & Cialis could actually find it a lot difficult to lay their hands on these medications if the lawmakers pass a new law. In the US state of Ohio, Senate Nina Turner introduced the Senate Bill 307, according to which the physicians would be required to take a sequence of burdensome actions before & after prescribing the erectile dysfunction medications. The proposed requirements to be taken before include obtaining a notarized affidavit which requires the certification from one of the patient’s sexual partner stating the difficulty faced by the patient in terms of erectile dysfunction, 90 days prior to the date of affidavit. Also, the patient can get the certificate only from a state approved therapist and the sex therapist needs to write a declaration stating that the drug is being used only for medical purpose (for the treatment of symptoms of erectile dysfunction).

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Post prescription of the bill states that the patient must undergo a cardiac test for stress every 90 days in order to ensure that they are healthy enough to do some kind of sexual activity. They also need to attend some outpatient counseling sessions which stresses on the side effects of the drug which is intended for the treatment of the symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

In the Illinois legislation introduced in the state of Chicago by the Rep. Kelly Cassidy states that those men who require an erectile dysfunction drug prescription need to see a video which states the potential side effects of the erectile dysfunction drug. A lot many debates have happened regarding these two legislators, and whether they really believe that the bill for treating erectile dysfunction would make a difference. In actual, it turns out that these bills were actually introduced to take the discussion to the pending state legislations like the abortion ones. Basically these bills were brought into place so that men understand their responsibilities and don’t turn a blind eye. The respective legislators felt that women do not pay much heed to the abortions and their decisions are largely inspired by the decisions taken by their partners. It was high time that the women thought about themselves and not base the decisions on their partners. And through these bills, the legislators thought that men could be taught a thing or two through the law.

Turner had proposed the bill in response to the controversial Heartbeat Bill where a fetus cannot be aborted six weeks into pregnancy (once the heartbeat is detected). Similarly, Cassidy’s amendment was designed to put attention to the Illinois’ recommended Ultrasound Opportunity Act, where an ultrasound was to be offered post seven weeks into pregnancy. Thus both the women want the lawmakers to willingly approve of the legislations thus regulating the bodies and health of men by hitting men in that area where it hurts.

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