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Kamagra: its Effects on the Human Body System

What are the effects of Kamagra

Kamagra is a well-known drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, this drug has gained a lot of audience from the population being the fact that it happens to be the first recognized medication for curing impotence in men, this drug function by increasing the flow of blood into the penis so that one can maintain an erection that is strong for sexual intercourse. The use of Kamagra can be very effective, but there are some side effects that are caused by this drug.

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The effects of Kamagra on the human body system

Kamagra as popularly known to many, which is a generic name for sildenafil. This is a phosphodiesterase type 5, PDE-5. This PDE-5 is an enzyme that can cause one from having an erection. This drug is mainly used for the cure of erectile dysfunction, this drug can help one in getting and maintaining an erection for a sexual activity, it, therefore, does not cure impotence. It should be noted also that it does affect sexual desire, but one can get it through a physical mean or a virtual mean to be able to stimulate the penis to action.

The common causes of impotence in men

An erection process starts right from the brain where some arousal signals ignites its function, there are a lot of finely as well as coordinated procedures that makes an erection to occur, and all this is relied upon on the sufficient and adequate flow of blood into the penis. Right in the penis, there exist two chambers known as corpora cavernosa, the nitric oxide is released in the chambers during the course of a sexual intercourse. The chamber contains some network of blood vessels and whenever they relax, the blood rushes this happens in other to make sure that blood is available for an erection to take. The PDE-5 can hinder the effect of cGMP, Kamagra helps by inhibiting this PDE-5, and it rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. The common side effects are Kamagra includes flushing or redness. This drug can cause some decrease in the blood pressure, most especially after taking it after an hour or two, so it's not good for those that have problems with their heart to take the medication.

For a lot of people sexual activity is very good for cardiovascular health, but not to all people, so if one has this condition, a doctor must be notified of the intake of the drug.

One should not take Kamagra if he is having a stroke problem, have unstable angina, heart attack.some interaction of drugs can really cause a damage to the heart, therefore one try as much as possible to avoid the intake of other medication. the use of Kamagra can be very effective, but at the same, it is not a magic drug that will just make one penis to get erected after taking it. There is some conscious effort that needs to be done in order to achieve an erection. This medication can last for a period of four hours, though it can last more than this for some people.

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