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Information One Must Know About Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction can be seen as a situation whereby the male cannot have or hold on to an erection for a long time during the period of a sexual intercourse. Erectile Dysfunction occurs in a man when he can have an erection

  • Occasionally but not all the time
  • But does not stay that way for a long period of time

Erectile dysfunction is also considered when a man needs an erection but cannot get it at that particular time. Erectile dysfunction is commonly referred to as impotence. Nonetheless, the term is not used so well as before by the providers of health care products.

Sexual Life

Things you need to know on erection Occurrence

Naturally, it occurs when there is an increase in the flow of blood running into the male organ, thereby causing it to expand and also become rigid and strong. There are two chambers in the penis that are long which are called the corpora cavernosa, it encloses muscles that are smooth, fibrous tissues, spaces that are filled with blood, veins and also arteries. There is also a membrane called tunica albuginea, it encloses the named corpora cavernosa. The tube that carries the urine and also semen that is known as the urethra and it carries them outside the body of the man, it is normally situated on the underneath the corpora cavernosa in the center of another chamber which is called the corpos spongiosum.

Complications that is likely to arise

These include the following:

  • A boring and unsatisfied sex life.
  • Causes some emotional problem which is anxiety, depression among others
  • Unable to impregnate the partner

Erectile Dysfunction is diagnosed by a health care provider through a physical examination and also looking into the medical and sexual history of the individual. Some tests can be done by the healthcare provider such as

  • The blood test
  • Injection test
  • Mental health exam
  • Doppler ultrasound
  • Erection test or nocturnal test

Performing a physical exam by the health care provider that can help to diagnose the factors that cause an Erectile Dysfunction in the following ways:

  • Determine if the male organ is responsive to touch. If the male organ is unresponsive or inactive to touch, then there is a complication in the nervous system.
  • Check if the male organ has the Peyronies' disease which makes the male organ curve or bends when erect and this also causes some abnormal characteristics of the male organ itself
  • Having a medical and sexual history of the individual, looking into is a compulsory thing a health provider can do to help the patient diagnose the erectile dysfunction. The information to be asked of by the health care provider from the patient should include
  • The level of confidence the patient has in having and keeping an erection
  • How frequent the male organ gets rigid for penetration when there is a sexual stimulation
  • How frequent the individual is able to uphold his erection after penetration during the course of a sexual intercourse
  • If there is an occurrence of erection early in the morning
  • How fast the patient is able to reach climax and also ejaculate during sexual intercourse

This information will enable the health care provider in understanding the problem and complication a patient has.

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