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How Osteoporosis and Erectile Dysfunction Are Related?

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) already have a lot of issues to struggle with. Recently, a new study has provided an indication towards the increased chances of developing osteoporosis when diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. The results of the study may seem a bit far stretched, hence it is essential to go a bit further into this topic.

Osteoporosis and ED


When an individual is suffering from osteoporosis, the bones turn particularly fragile that could increase the chances of having a fracture leading to a bad fall. Coughing really hard can also result in a fracture in many cases of osteoporosis.

From the past evidences, this condition has been observed to be very common in women, so much so that men think they are not likely to acquire it. It isn’t true as many sources have revealed that 25% of the men who are 50 years or above break bones as a result of osteoporosis. Such a condition may also be seen in men younger than the age of 50, but the chances are higher in older men.

Details about the Study

A study conducted in Taiwan brought about a link between erectile dysfunction and osteoporosis that was published in a journal called Medicine. It was a study based on a nationwide sample that included about 4,460 men (ranging from age group of 40 years and above). These men were diagnosed with ED from 1996 to 2010. They also observed about 17,480 men who did not suffer from any ED symptoms to compare with the other group.

The scientists could later conclude that men having erectile dysfunction are thrice more likely to suffer from osteoporosis when compared to men who do not have erectile dysfunction. The results also showed that osteoporosis may develop more quickly among men who suffer from erectile dysfunction in comparison to the others who do not.

Why is there a Link between Erectile Dysfunction and Osteoporosis?

As the study was only observational, the scientists could not provide the explanation for the occurrence of such a condition. Though there is no scientifically stated answer to this question, many authors have come up with interesting theories regarding it. For example, men diagnosed with ED have lower levels of testosterone which is an essential component for better bone durability and strength.

The levels of vitamin D in the body may also be an important factor as they help in shielding the tissue lining the penile blood vessels.

Treatment and Prevention

It is best to consult a doctor regarding bone health and treatment recommendations. Increasing vitamin D and calcium intake often helps in restoring the imbalances causing osteoporosis. With regular exercise and restricted consumption of alcohol and tobacco osteoporosis can be prevented. Maintaining a good health is the first step to avoiding any type of disease and it is highly recommended by many doctors.

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