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Having One's Cake And Eating It Too

Isn't it a surprising fact that with more and more advanced technology being available to us, our life is getting complicated and we seem to be getting more and more tied up with things. No one has time to spare, even on the weekends. Come to think of it, when was it the last time you had a long chat with your parents or caught up with your friends. Haven't you always wished that you could just be by yourself at home and spend afternoons doing something that you enjoy like gardening or reading a book etc?

In fact, in most cases with women the lifestyle as well as priorities have changed. Today's women are no longer the same as they used to be twenty years ago. Today’s woman is intelligent, confident and has arrived. Like any other individual she pursues education and aspires to get started with career. Economic freedom that comes with the career adds to making of her personality. She is empowered to make her life's decisions.


The first few years of career go by very fast and one does not realise how time is passing by. Most women enjoy working hard, learning on job as well as enjoying living a good life that their salaries can afford. But mind you these women are pretty sharp when it comes to money management too. They are able to set aside and save quite a bit of their monthly earnings. Traditional instruments of savings are not to their liking anymore. They understand financial markets and have an appetite to make wise investments to secure their own future.

When women reach past thirties they begin to remember that they need to find a suitable partner and get into a relationship. Most often they do happen to meet someone who manages to sweep them off their feet and before they know it they are married. Then comes managing to make a home, planning for family etc. At this juncture women find themselves unable to take a decision clearly without having to fee guilty or suppressing their desires for independence and career.

Very soon comes the time when they are standing at cross roads and are required to take a call on whether their career comes first or home and family. There several lucky women who are highly career oriented and are blessed to have a supportive family in terms of in laws, parents and others who are able to step in and help with bringing up children.

Many companies are quite sensitive to these situations faced by women and provide several aids to help them manage as well as balance home and work. Even men are slowly learning to manage home by taking time off from office or reworking their schedules in such a way that they can be at home to look after the children when needed.

Internet and communication has made it possible for women to balance work and home perfectly. In most organisations women are given the flexible option of working from home. In fact with the help of internet women are able to manage a lot of their works and save on time as well as effort. From banking to paying utility bills all of the domestic work can be accomplished online through internet. Internet is helping women buy groceries, shop for clothes, books and toys for their children as well as to order Viagra for their husbands too. The day is not going to be far away when modern kitchens will be designed with a internet connection and a laptop with which she can manage all her home affairs while cooking as well as keep a watch on what is happening around the world and connect with friends and family all the time. She can now balance home and office quiet easily without having to give up on her ambitions, desires and her identity and not feel guilty leaving children and home all the time.

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