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Contraindications in the Use of Kamagra

Kamagra is one of the best drug out there for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. There are real live testimonies on how very effective the drug had been. Many men who could not satisfy their wives have gotten their lives transformed when they started using Kamagra. The testimonies are real, and it is certain you too will give your own testimonies if you can start taking Kamagra against that unwanted impotence. You must keep in mind that the drug does not have any effect on anyone who is not suffering from erectile dysfunction; neither does it have any effect on any female that uses the drug. Its use is therefore restricted to the treatment of erectile dysfunction.


While Kamagra is simply wonderful for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, there are instances where the drug may not be safe for you. These are rare instances, and they do not apply to everybody; the restriction only occurs in an individual with complicated health conditions. In this write-up, you will get to learn about these health conditions.

Contraindications in Kamagra

The conditions under which you must not use this drug are highlighted below

  • If you are on organic nitrite, nitrate or nitric oxide donor, it is not safe to use the drug
  • If your doctor has ever advised you to stay away from sexual intercourse because you have certain cardiovascular conditions, this drug is also not safe for you.
  • Do you have any form of severe hepatic impairment? Then you should also stay away from the drug. Hepatic impairment refers to liver-related problems, which can be chronic or acute.
  • If you have ever been diagnosed with any kind of kidney disease, Kamagra is also not safe for you. It is better to stay away from it.
  • Anyone who is suffering from hypotension or low blood pressure should also avoid taking the drug.
  • Have you recently suffered from heart attack, even mildly? It is not safe or you to use Kamagra.
  • If you have ever experienced any case of stroke before, either recently or in the past, you should avoid taking the drug too.
  • If your doctor had ever diagnosed you with hereditary degenerative retinal disorders, it is also in your best interest to avoid taking Kamagra.
Use of Kamagra

From the above, it is clear that individuals with one form of health complication or the other, either in the past or recent, should avoid taking Kamagra. It is, therefore, clear that Kamagra is for healthy individuals. Individuals, who are suffering from any form of health complication and who had not experienced such in recent times will do well with Kamagra, and they will never experience any of the side effects associated with the drug.

Since you may not know if you have any of these complications or not, it is in your best interest to link up with your doctor for clinical examination and let him or her certify you ok and fit enough to take the drug. If your doctor feels you are not qualified based on the contraindications mentioned above, he or she can help you with any available alternative.

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