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How Does Eriacta Work?

The problem of erectile dysfunction has become one of the most common problems in the men these days. There are a number of reasons because of which people fall prey to this illness. This problem, more commonly known as impotency has a number of ill effects on the life of a person. Firstly, he fails to get indulged in any kind of sexual activity with his partner. Secondly, he starts losing his self-confidence and lastly his life becomes meaningless as there is no excitement left.

Eriacta is considered to be one of the most effective treatments for the longing problem of erectile dysfunction, or as we call it, impotency. This treatment has been used by a majority of people today and the results of the same are positive.

Eriacta tablets

Let us understand the manner in which Eriacta works on the human’s body.

Eriacta works for all the men who have been suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction from a long period of time. This drug comprises of an active ingredient known as sildenafil that is considered to be the essence of the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Eriacta in men works by the way of increasing the flow of blood into the penis of person so that he would be able to get an erection and to further keep it hard enough which is required for sex. Another important thing, Eriacta works only when you stimulate yourself sexually. Thus, if you are not completely sexually stimulated, Eriacta doesn’t work at all. Thus, you must consume this drug four hours before you indulge in any kind of sexual activity with your partner. Once you have consumed Eriacta in a concerned dose, it starts working within a period of 30 to 60 minutes.

The sildenafil present in Eriacta tends to block the PDE5 in order to allow the blood to stay in your penis for a longer period of time since the muscles present in the penis do not constrict. Eriacta helps it by the way of blocking the chemical which causes the blood to leave the penis. Thus, there is more blood present in the penis that further helps a man to maintain his erection for a longer period of time. As already stated, you need to involve yourself into any kind of sexual stimulation in order to maintain an erection after the consumption of Eriacta as this drug doesn’t have any kind of effect on the chemicals which develop an erection in a man. Thus, Eriacta plays the role of keeping all these chemicals in the penis for a longer period of time.

Eriacta comes in a number of forms starting from a minimum dose of 25mg and reaching to 50mg and 100mg in the form of pills. If you are taking Eriacta for the first time, you shall start off with a dose of 50mg in a tablet. The effect of this pill will depend upon the body of an individual. This dose could be further decreased to 25mg if the results of the early dose of tablets are positive and effective. If the same is ineffective, don’t hesitate to start with a 100mg dose.

Does Eriacta Have An Age Limit?

Eriacta has been a very successful and a highly sought after medicine. Due to its properties of helping with erectile dysfunction, doctors have advised it to a lot of patients across the globe. Off late it was observed that a lot of men are turning to Eriacta even if they don’t suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is known that erectile dysfunction affects men in the age group of 40 and above. There are still many men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction but they do not use this medicine. Also, many cases have been reported of patients using this medicine for recreational purposes.

Women of the modern world are more inspired by the strong female characters and are vocal about their needs and desires. This increases the pressure on the men to perform better. Most men ask for this medicine in their early thirties, when they should be using it in their 50`s. This pressure results in performance anxiety in men and can also lead to erectile dysfunction in some cases.

Eriacta is readily available on the internet and online pharmacies. Due to the easy access, a lot many men are using it without doctor`s advice. This can be alarming as currently, no one knows the exact number of people using this medicine. This also leads to a lot of counterfeiting of this medicine which can harm the people using this medicine.

This drug is safe for use if you have a healthy heart and if you do not use nitrates. This medicine can only help you achieve an erection. It does not help in reaching orgasm or increase an erection. Medicines containing nitrate widen the blood vessels and improve the blood flow, and Eriacta can increase the effect manifold. Using them together can cause problems as it can drop the blood pressure drastically. There can be serious side effects and even death if the blood pressure stays low for very long. Certain food items may contain nitrates but they are safe and can be consumed along with this medicine. Taking this medicine on an empty stomach is good as it increases the absorption rate and the medicine mixes in the blood stream quickly.

As I said earlier this medicine is available online and can be purchased without a prescription, one needs to understand that it is an unsafe practice and can be life threatening. If you are buying from genuine online pharmacies, please make sure that you answer the questions correctly and honestly. There can be other serious causes of erectile dysfunction and hence it is important that you discuss it with your doctor. Health conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disease, liver disease, kidney disease or heart disease can cause erectile dysfunction and no questionnaire can catch the root issue or other complications.

This medicine can affect the fertility if used for recreational purposes. There is no age limit, however, younger men should not use this medicine without consulting a doctor as it can cause painful erections which may last longer than 6 hours.

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